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Nightclub Name: Mako's

Address: 27 W. Church St.
City: Orlando
Phone Number: (407) 872-3296
State: FL

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Number of ratings: 44

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Nightclub Description:
One of the hottest Atlanta nightclubs. Sexy girls, loud music plenty of dancefloor.
Hours of operation:
Sunday to Monday:
9 pm to 2 am
Tuesday to Thursday
8 pm to 2 am
Friday to Saturday
8 pm to 3 am
18 and up age restriction.
Monday No Cover - $1 Rain Vodka
Tuesday Ladies No Cover, - $2 Rain Vodka, - $2 Bacardi & Bacardi Flavors, - $2 Shooters, - $2 Domestic Bottled Beers,
Wednesday Free Drinks til 12 - $500 Bikini Contest
Thursday - $2 Mich Ultra
Friday - $2 Domestic Bottled Beer til 12
Saturday - Real Radio 104.1 presents, - Party Like a Makos Monster Millionaire with "Drunky" the Bear.
Sunday - $2 Rain Vodka, - $2 Bacardi Rum, - $2 Domestic Bottled Beers

Mako's Pictures:
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User Comments:
Anonymous says - "the bartenders looked miserable and were misleading on prices the free shot was watered down punch and it was an ugly-fest of people walking back and forth on a narrow "dance floor" "
Safec0 says - "Best Bar I've been to in over ten years. The bartenders were great. they loved what they were doing and had fun. The wait staff/shot girls were very hot. Drinks were good and priced average for this kind of club. DJ was great kept the crowd going all night. Bath rooms were a little small and could use a little work. I highly recomend this place over all the other bars there!!!!!!! "
Richard says - "How depressing! I`ve owned night clubs in Miami for about 15 years and on a business trip with my partners in Orlando we visited Makos and man did it suck! We were treated like s*** from the moment we got to the door to time we eventially got a drink. Miserable staff and children running the place, The manager if you can call him that Doug has no control of his staff and the cunts that do the shots there are more about dancing than selling. I should buy the f****** s*** hole just so I could close it down. This palce is not recomended, There are many clubs on Church st. in Orlando and I would recomend any other than this dive. "
Tiffany says - "most of The girls are fat and ugly.. and have fake boobs.. they are all b*****s. "
Missy says - "ewww, and never again. the staff is hideous! i mean i know that not everyone is blessed with beauty, but god damn i know the owners could do better then that staff. not to mention the girls are rude and and inconsiderate. when you spill a shot on someone you apologize, not say move you're in my way. i would never recommend this place to anyone. the drinks tasted really strange, like they forgot to add the alcohol to the watered down s**t they served. and i mean i'm all for skin, but daaaaaamn for the fatties that work there, put that s**t away....they're gonna knock someone out with those love handles and flabby a** they have! oh and the experiene i had there was before that springbreak show came out. but i do have to say the way those b***h "allstars" treated the other girls is absolutely unacceptable! those w****s were the ugliest b*****s in that place. the other girls they eventually harassed out of the place, were far prettier then they. you would think the owner would want the best for their business, but with those girls there, it seems like they are the ones running the business not the owner. i wouldn't be suprised if they pushed the owner around anyways. but hey the only one who is looking like an extreme a** here is the owner. good job running your business...oh i mean good job letting ugly b*****s cheating you out of money run your p*** poor excuse of a club. "
goldie says - "Seriously no one should tell a person how to run there buisnnes especially when you have no clue what goes on inside there club ive never been there in my life let alone in any club and I just turned 21 but yeah maybe the all star girls are b*****s and what the f*** ever they are but they have been there for a long time and when new girls come in the intimidation is strong so I guess you cant take the s*** then thats when girls start crying and they runaway that does nothing for them but makes them like f*****g big p****s I dont know if I was to work there it might be crazy but i would definitley not give f***s what they said I have lots of friends that go there and from orlando born and raised o-town baby b*****s are crazy LOVE IT OR HATE its your choice. "
alessio-daniele says - "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN THE WORLD!!! "
mp8499 says - "Me and my friends went there, the staff is hot, but unfortunately the patrons were not. If you are going there to hook up, its not the right place. Easily 80% men in there, cause the hot girls are outside wrangling you in. If you want to have a few drinks and enjoy the view, this is the place to be. We went there first, then hit up a bunch of other places, then went right back. The DJ is excellent, the girls are unbelievable, but it gets really crounded in there. "
Ladie says - "Ive been there a few times and actually going tomorrow night. The girls were great! They really keep on the ball with making sure you always have a drink in hand. We stayed there all night. It gets a little crowded as the night goes on so its best to go in a group. Bathrooms are small but always clean and the line moves fast. Great place!! "

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